Question One : What do we celebrate on Easter?
A : Resurrection of Jesus

B : Birth of Jesus

C : Assumption of Mary

D : The Agony in the Garden

E : The Scourging at Pillar

Question Two : Of the following, who did jesus first appear to after the resurrection?
A : Peter

B : John

C : The Virgin Mary

D : Mary Magdalene

E : Judas

Question Three : Which of the following is a Precepts of the Church? (Hint answer can be found in the Catechism of Pius X (google it).

A : To hear Mass on all Sundays and on Holy days of obligation.

B : To confess our sins at least once a year, and to receive Holy Communion at Easter each one in his own parish.

C : To contribute to the support of the Church, according to local custom.

D : All of the above

E : None of the above

Question Four : What's the difference between the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the resurrection of other men who had been raised from the dead?

A : Jesus rose by His own power.

B : Other's rose by their own power.

C : There is no difference.

D : No one else has been raised from the dead.

E : None of the above.

Question Five : How many days did Jesus Christ remain on earth after His resurrection before ascending into heaven?

A : 10

B : 3

C : 40

D : 33

E : 50

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