Question One : What is the first Sorrowful mystery of the Holy Rosary?
A : The Crucifixion

B : The Carrying of the Cross

C : The Crowing with Thorns

D : The Agony in the Garden

E : The Scourging at Pillar

Question Two : What is the word we use to describe the forty days' fast before Easter?

A : Summer

B : Advent

C : Lent

D : All of the above.

E : None of the above.

Question Three : What is the 6th and last Sunday of Lent and beginning of Holy Week?

A : Palm Sunday

B : Easter Sunday

C : Ash Sunday

D : Good Friday

E : None of the above

Question Four : In the Western Catholic Church, from the blessed palms the ashes are procured for _____________.

A : Easter

B : Ash Wednesday.

C : Good Friday

D : Holy Thursday

E : None of the above

Question Five : Traditionally, the sanctuary colors of Good Friday and Holy Saturday are ________?

A : Purple

B : White

C : Black

D : Green

E : None of the above

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